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The people of God have been released and as we see in this period of the book of Exodus that this event will be one of the biggest principles that is to be remembered. A story to be able to tell their children and grandchildren. As we have seen in the sings and wonders of God’s power, punishment, preservation and his purpose. We see this culmination in the final blow that stuck the first born of the people of Egypt.

During the New Testament time the people had the Scriptures of the Old Testament. They were Old Testament believers. We often try and make a big gap between the few pages in our Bible and see them as two separate religions. We read the Old Testament and see a great gaping disconnection between the two. Yet this is not how the New Testament authors or believers understood the Old Testament. They would often quote the Old Testament. They did not

If you were to walk through the streets of Goshen that night you would not have heard any noise of commission on the streets. The moon in full splendor with the lunar beams providing light. The doors were all shut to the houses and murmurs and muffled noises could be heard inside each house as fathers and mothers were telling their children that we cannot go outside tonight, tonight is a different night and tomorrow will be a brand-new day.

Under the canopy of an Egyptian night, the moon bathed the land in an ethereal glow. In the hushed homes of the Israelites, there was a palpable tension. Moses, bearing the weight of divine instructions, had prepared them for this night—the night the Lord would strike Egypt's firstborn. The Israelites, obedient to the sacred ritual, marked their doorposts with the blood of unblemished lambs. In the grandeur of Pharaoh's palace, however, an air of defiance lingered. The ruler's heart remained

Heirlooms are an interesting thing. Most heirlooms mean nothing to those outside. Some items have value beyond our comprehension, items of immense value in financial terms. While others hold great value only to the family from where they come from. Jewelry holds value but often not in the millions. But recipes, letters, diaries, Bibles or quilts often mean nothing if you were to try and sell them on the internet. The value comes from the history or the story that

Before there was the saying “there is an app for that.” In which you want to be able to do something you can just look on your phone and someone somewhere has made an app that can help you for that exact thing you want to do. There was the answer that you can just get what you need or what from the store. We live in a day and age when you need something you can get it in

Exodus is one of the most foundational stories of God’s people. The story of God redeeming his people from the house of Pharaoh and from bondage of slavery. If you want to be able to understand the story of the Bible you need to be acquainted with the stories of the Bible. That whenever you read other authors of the Bible they are not written in a vacuum as separate stories, but as one big overarching story throughout the ages

Chapter eleven is a great chapter to move us from the three cycles and nine signs and wonders unto the great and final plague or as chapter eleven calls it the final blow. Before we get to understand what this final blow is we need to remember what has happened to this date. How did we get to this place. When looking at judgements we need to understand the severity of the crime. To hear a verdict that this person

We come now to the final third plague from the third cycle of signs and wonders. This set ends as the other ones with the third sign and wonder not being announced to Pharaoh, but it comes upon them. Throughout all the plagues we see God’s power over the whole earth, preservation of God’s people, God’s providence over history and hearts, and God’s punishment of evil and wicked sinners. Each sign and wonder show forth all of these four aspects

As we have seen the story of the signs and wonders we have pointed out God’s power, protection, punishment and his purpose. We have seen that one of the aspects of God’s power being on display that Pharaoh would know who the Lord is but also other nations. God shows his power and might through these signs and wonders for a direct end, not only that His people would no longer be subject to Pharaoh, but that they would be

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