As we begun last week with the introduction to the next section of Exodus as the people are leaving Egypt we noted God’s glorious goal, God’s past pledge and God’s immediate imminence as people of God leave Egypt. This section (Ch 13-18) focuses on the first two months of the Israelites freedom (Ex 19:1). In these two months we will see the people of God face many problems and conflicts from outsiders (Egyptians/Amalekites) but also internal conflicts from within the

We have all had that time when you are driving along and then comes the big orange flag with the word spread across it, “DETOUR.” Or you are driving, as I was one night, and the state trooper or police officer blocking the lanes pointing you down a different road than the one you need to drive on. This one time it happened to me in the middle of the night driving back and this policeman instructed me drive down

The people of God have been released and as we see in this period of the book of Exodus that this event will be one of the biggest principles that is to be remembered. A story to be able to tell their children and grandchildren. As we have seen in the sings and wonders of God’s power, punishment, preservation and his purpose. We see this culmination in the final blow that stuck the first born of the people of Egypt.

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