There we were enjoying a lovely hike the other week, as Sarah and I celebrated our anniversary. We did some research and decided not to go on the hike that reviewers said, “is not clearly marked.” We were feeling like we could take on a challenge without the children. So we decided to start with this light to moderate hike. As we begun it was clearly signed as we followed the path that we had discussed as we looked at

We often overlook the fundamental needs of our humanity, focusing instead on the tangible necessities of daily life. We understand the importance of eating, drinking, and sleeping—essential for our physical well-being. Yet, if sleep or coffee were suddenly stripped away, our ability to function, if this was to happen our time in our confession of sin would grow drastically. Similarly, we grasp the necessity of fueling our cars with gas to keep them running and watering our plants to sustain

In all the leaps and bounds of medical science, there is one machine I am sure no one has invented because no one would like to see the results: the heart tester. I am not referring to the Electrocardiogram, Echocardiogram, or Holter monitor, but rather one that tests the state of the human heart as the Bible speaks of it. Occasionally, the Bible describes the heart as the functioning muscle that pumps oxygenated blood throughout the highways of our body

After finishing the section on the song of Exodus in chapter 15 we continue our journey in the wilderness wanderings. We often forget about these passages of Scripture and we think of Passover, crossing the Red Sea, song of Moses and then the ten commandments at Mount Saini. But we have the interesting account of these stories that are found in chapter 15-18. Paul actually brings them up in 1 Corinthians 10, mentioning that these things took place as an

We come to the final portion of the song of Exodus in chapter 15, the summary of what has gone before. Now passages like this can be difficult when looking to preach consecutively through a book. You can slip them into the sermon previous or the following sermon as somewhat of a footnote. Specifically, these verses in 19-21, add nothing new really to what we have looked at before. It might of made last week’s sermon longer. They could be

As we continue to look at the glorious song found in Exodus 15, we are reminded of what we have looked at so far to begin with we noticed that the people who were redeemed saying praises to their God and savior the one who has redeemed them from slavery and rescued them from the hand of pharaoh. We noted that this song is done corporately as the people although individually addressing their Lord. We also saw the praise of

Imagine a bustling city street filled with people from all walks of life, each engrossed in their own world as they navigate through the urban jungle. Among the throngs of pedestrians, you notice a peculiar sight—a young man clutching a smartphone in his hand, seemingly absorbed in its glowing screen. As you draw closer, you realize that he isn't just scrolling through social media or checking emails. Instead, he's fervently tapping away, interacting with a virtual man made deity that

The worship wars. A term that has been used to describe the historical divide that caused great discussion and often divide within the modern church. They speak of what people labeled contemporary and traditional music and styles in the church. Discussions focused on the role of evangelism and what has been called ‘seeker sensitive services.’ A great book which looks at the historical development of this is called “Lovin’ on Jesus: A Concise History of Contemporary Worship,” by Lester Ruth

As we begun last week with the introduction to the next section of Exodus as the people are leaving Egypt we noted God’s glorious goal, God’s past pledge and God’s immediate imminence as people of God leave Egypt. This section (Ch 13-18) focuses on the first two months of the Israelites freedom (Ex 19:1). In these two months we will see the people of God face many problems and conflicts from outsiders (Egyptians/Amalekites) but also internal conflicts from within the

We have all had that time when you are driving along and then comes the big orange flag with the word spread across it, “DETOUR.” Or you are driving, as I was one night, and the state trooper or police officer blocking the lanes pointing you down a different road than the one you need to drive on. This one time it happened to me in the middle of the night driving back and this policeman instructed me drive down

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