After finishing the section on the song of Exodus in chapter 15 we continue our journey in the wilderness wanderings. We often forget about these passages of Scripture and we think of Passover, crossing the Red Sea, song of Moses and then the ten commandments at Mount Saini. But we have the interesting account of these stories that are found in chapter 15-18. Paul actually brings them up in 1 Corinthians 10, mentioning that these things took place as an

We come to the final portion of the song of Exodus in chapter 15, the summary of what has gone before. Now passages like this can be difficult when looking to preach consecutively through a book. You can slip them into the sermon previous or the following sermon as somewhat of a footnote. Specifically, these verses in 19-21, add nothing new really to what we have looked at before. It might of made last week’s sermon longer. They could be

As we continue to look at the glorious song found in Exodus 15, we are reminded of what we have looked at so far to begin with we noticed that the people who were redeemed saying praises to their God and savior the one who has redeemed them from slavery and rescued them from the hand of pharaoh. We noted that this song is done corporately as the people although individually addressing their Lord. We also saw the praise of

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