• Desolate Place
    Mark 1:35-39 When you have small children, there are not many moments of rest. They wake up; you are then up. From that moment, your day is filled with needs, questions, discipline, encouragement, and a wide array of tasks. Even when they might be resting, you still have to prepare for the next stint in the race, clean their clothes, etc. There is always a need before you. The child is dependent upon the parent. They might be left for […]
  • God from God
    The next line in the creed is “God from God, Light from Light, true God from true God.” This line addresses one of the teachings of Arius. Arius taught that God the Father was eternal, and Jesus was the firstborn of creation (created). Jesus was like God, but not God. The major term he used was ‘homoiousios,’ which means a similar substance. However, the term ‘homoousios’ means the same substance. We will talk about this more when we get to […]
  • Reversing the Wilderness
    Within this section Mark is showing the beginning of Jesus earthly ministry as it is set within the region of Galilee (Mark 1:14-39). This passage Jesus goes into Capernaum, which is located on the north west side of the sea of Galilee, located in small territory of in the territory of Zebulun and Naphtali (Matt 4:13). Luke explains that Jesus was rejected at Nazareth and then moved to Capernaum (Luke 4:16-31). Matthew explains that Capernaum becomes his hometown (Matt 4:13, […]
  • Begotten from the Father before all ages
    Last week we looked at heresies and errors in how Jesus is the Son of God. Most of these heresies or errors came from not understanding the doctrine of eternal generation. The doctrine of the Trinity is hard for us (fallen and finite creatures) to grasp. When speaking of the uniqueness of the Son as the second person of the Trinity, not the Father and not the Spirit, we talk about his eternal generation, that is, the Father begetting the […]
  • The Preacher
    Mark continues to move at a fast pace. The first impression that Mark presents of Christ after the temptation in the wilderness is that of Christ as the preacher. The Next section is really one big section from Mark 1:14-39, beginning with Christ preaching and Galilee and ending with him preaching in Galilee. Marks Gospel is really one of geography, beginning in Galilee and ending in Jerusalem with the hinge in Mark 8:29, Peter’s confession. Mark arranges the gospel not […]
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