• The many and the few
    Mark 3:7-19 The previous verse spoke of the plot to have Jesus destroyed. For Mark, the movement of a place is often the movement of the narrative. Jesus has shown his authority in his teaching and his healing. The conflict has arisen in the Pharisees, and now Mark shows us some other groups and how they respond to Jesus. Just as the pharisee’s respond to Jesus differently than his disciples, the crowd also follows Christ and has different reactions. As […]
  • Came down from heaven
    One of the most beautiful lines in a hymn that I can get lost in is the hymn, ‘The Church’s One Foundation,’ by Samuel Stone (1839-1900). The line is, “From heaven, he came and sought her.” The Westminster Divines call this Christ’s humiliation. Christ, the Son of God, coming down to our level. He became a man, the creator of all things, stepped into creation. We often think of Christ’s death and resurrection, possibly his ascension, maybe his birth. But […]
  • Lord of the Sabbath
    Mark 2:23- 3:6 Six-hundred and thirteen, this is the number of laws that are found in the Old Testament. Three-hundred and sixty-five of them speak of what you are not to do, and two-hundred fourth eight is what you are to do. A good Jew would want to be able to obey all of these laws. They would ensure that they would uphold the law in all aspects of their life. However, they became servants of the Law not the […]
  • For us and our salvation
    The next portion of the creed looks at the Son as he comes to earth as the mediator between God and man. The introductory statement, “For us men and for our salvation,” teaches us the important decision we have mentioned before (The only Son of God), the ontological and economic Trinity. Last week, we looked at God’s divine activity or the doctrine of inseparable operations. Each person of the Trinity is the creator. The term “economic Trinity” focuses on what […]
  • Fasting and Furious
    Mark 2:18-22 The conflict is rising between the religious leaders and Jesus. We have noted several times this rising tension, which continues to grow throughout Mark’s Gospel. The tension will finally be felt at the end of Mark when Jesus is crucified on a cross. However, we notice even in the early chapters they sought to destroy him (Mark 3:6). Mark chapter two shows this tension builds, with the question of who can forgive sins? (Mark 2:7) or Why does […]
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