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As we have begun the book of Exodus, we have pointed out that this is the second book in the Bible and thus we need to see that this story is the first chapter in the book of Exodus but the 51st chapter in the whole story. We have seen some of the promises made in the previous chapters. The beginning of the book of Exodus starts mentioning the Sons of Israel, but what we miss over the course of

Do know of a person who comes in halfway through a movie to a TV show and then starts to ask questions about the story, the plot, or the characters? Why did that character do that? Now, if you don’t know a person who does this, then maybe you are this person. Now if you begin reading the story of Exodus you will be able to piece together some of the story. However, you will find out very quickly (actually

Many nations have a particular day on their calendar when they celebrate or commemorate an important time in their history. A day that stands out from other days in their story. This is a day of great importance. For the United States of America, it is the fourth of July. To celebrate and commemorate July 4th, 1776, when the Continental Congress formally adopted the Declaration of Independence, which declared that the 13 American colonies were no longer subject to British

What hope can be found after such a short serious letter written by the hand of Jude? The letter was written telling those who are called, beloved, and kept, that they are in the midst of hand-to-hand combat that they did not know crept into the church. The warnings of the false teachers who have rejected God’s salvation rebelled against him and even refused God’s created order. Who followed their dreams not the word of God. They were like Cain,

Jude now broadens his approach to the dilemma of false teaching that has crept into the church. Previously he had instructed the believers to keep themselves in the love of God by doing three things; 1) building themselves up in the most holy faith; 2) praying in the Holy Spirit and 3) waiting for the mercy of Christ. He was addressing those who are called, beloved, and kept, (vs 20). Now he transitions again to what you might classify as

Jude now in the last verses of his short letter starts to address positive steps that can be taken to be able to contend for the faith. It is important that although Jude might seem like a negative letter only focusing on the false teaching that the church is facing, we must understand that Jude wanted to write to them about their common salvation but was moved because of the false teaching that had crept into the church. The perverted

Jude has finished the first half of his letter to those who are called, beloved, and kept. He has spent the first half of his letter addressing the false teachers (we see this in the phrases, they, them, themselves, etc). Jude now shifts his focus. He has told the church about the errors of this teaching and the teachers. They have perverted God’s grace into sensuality.  They have denied Jesus as Lord and master. He used illustrations from the Old

Jude continues to explain in the letter to those who are called, beloved and kept of the errors and false teaching that has crept into the church unnoticed. In the precious passages he has used illustrations from the Old Testament to show the sin, shame, and end of these false teachers. Jude in such a short amount of time has exposed them of their errors. In today’s verses Jude continues to point to their faults, flaws and false teaching. He

During this first half of the book of Jude, Jude has been explaining the false teaching that has crept into the church through false teachers. You might say Jude is pointing out the problem before getting to the solution of how you are to positively contend for the faith. In these short verses, Jude has pointed back to the Old Testament for examples and errors that happened to the people of God. He has given seven examples of stories that

Jude continues to explain the false teachers who have crept into unnoticed into the church. Jude continues to refer to the false teachers as ‘they’ or ‘themselves.’ Their false teaching on some level has been accepted by the church either because they did not correct the false teaching or what is more likely it wasn’t seen as false teaching at all. Two dangers lie in what I said, the first is that you know it to be false teaching, but

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