One challenge of being a contractor is being able to have client’s picture what you are describing to them. You explain the great potential of the project. I was never much of a salesperson so never told them, picture yourself sitting at your new kitchen table. When we started the project called the ‘broken house,’ I told Sarah this is such a great house full of potential! I saw a house that would work great for our family, she saw

We often think in our life if we are doing what God wants in our life then we will not see any pain or suffering. We think that pain and suffering are ways God corrects and disciplines. Our life might be filled with cries to God asking the question, “why does this happen to me?” You look our at the world and people that surround you and it seems everything just goes right in their life and not yours. This

Imagine standing at the edge of a river, the line between safety and uncertainty. The moment before you is pivotal, the weight of a decision hangs in the air. Such was the scene for Julius Caesar in ancient Rome, as he gazed at the Rubicon River. The choice he faced was monumental: to cross the river with his army would mean defying the authority of the Roman Senate, ushering in a new chapter in history. In that tense moment, Caesar's

I have often wondered who chose the stories we tell and place in our children’s storybook Bibles and our Sunday School lessons. Did they sit down and vote on the stories? Did they think of the major mountain tops of redemptive historical timelines? Did they think about what lesson they might be able to teach from the story? Obviously, these are curated stories, that are often edited in some regards. I have not, to my knowledge, seen a realistic children’s

What is the most powerful and important part in a chess game? Important we would answer the king who is central to the victory of the game, the whole game hinges upon this piece the most powerful piece would be the queen, although some have suggested the uniqueness of the pawn in their special moves and their plurality if used correctly can have the greatest impact on the game. However, the most powerful and important part in a game of

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