Jesus had told his disciples three times what was going to happen. And every time he finished by saying, “Three days later he will rise” (Mark 8:31, 9:31, 10:34). Now everything he had said had come to pass. However, this last comment was different than the others. He has pointed out that this was God’s definite plan since the beginning (Acts 2:22–23). To be able to point out seven different things that will happen to the Son of Man; delivered,

I have often mentioned that we often look at Christ's death on the cross as the only thing that Christ came to earth to achieve for us. It is an essential part of his earthly ministry but not the only part of his ministry on earth. The burial of Jesus is an integral piece of the gospel message (1 Cor 15:3-4, Acts 13:26-31). The burial is mentioned in all of the Gospel accounts (Matt 27:57–61; Mark 15:42–47; Luke 23:50–56; John

Jesus had hung on the cross since 9:00 AM that morning. Those watching had mocked the Lord of Glory. They had asked for a sign, but it was at midday that they saw a sign. Everything started to go dark. Joshua was there the day the sun stood still, but this day was the opposite. Darkness came over the whole land. This is the darkest day in the history of mankind. There had been dark days before and dark days

Over the past weeks, we have seen the words of Jesus fulfilled. Jesus told his disciples three times that the Son of man came to suffer. We have noted that every piece has been falling into place. This week is no different. Before we get to this passage, we need to be reminded that sometimes when we hear something frequently, we can become numb to the emotion. I know people with emotionally draining jobs that see the effect of that

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