As we continue to this dark and depressing chapter, we see one of the depths of sorrow that Christ felt in his humiliation. As we have seen this chapter shows the faithlessness of Christ’s disciples. As Jesus’ earthly ministry comes to an end the disciples will betray, abandon and deny Christ. In today’s passage, we see the disciples' shortcomings and weakness, in the flesh. However, we see Christ’s sorrow and the realities of anxiety that is upon his human shoulders.

The chapter truly is depressing. One could almost forget what has happened over the last three years or so of Jesus' earthly ministry. The chapter is marked with betrayal, denial, abandonment, weakness, arrest, and false testimony. Jesus’ days were filled with conflict; however, these last days of his earthly ministry are dark moments in world history. These grievous sins are horrific for us to consider but in light of Jesus' ministry which sought to heal so many and teach the

Every community or family has traditions. Some are deliberate others develop over time. These are embedded into the community or family. Often those outside looking in get a sense of that tradition, but it seems more to be a reoccurring event rather than something with purpose, nostalgia, or longevity. As Australian many American traditions overlap because of the connection to the Christian Calendar. Yet, some don’t always have the same equivalence. America has thanksgiving and black Friday. Australia has boxing

We are not surprised when enemies attack and kill their enemies. However, betrayal comes as a surprise because it is not enemies that attack you but your friends or family. Many of us know of Julius Caesar, one of the greatest Roman generals. However, his death came not at the hands of his adversaries but from his nephew, Marcus Junius Brutus (imagine calling his name out). The politically motivated assignation came from Brutus and other senators. Historians explain the last

Following chapter 13 which is the longest section of Jesus’ teaching in the Gospel of Mark, we turn now to chapter 14 which is the longest chapter in the gospel of Mark. The rapid pace of movement is back, as we are well aware in the Gospel of Mark. And we turn to a familiar question that has come up time and time again in the Gospel of Mark, “who do you say Jesus is?” The question that Jesus asked

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