We are looking at Mark chapter 13, which we have explained is a perplexing passage. Last time we looked at the opening verses which helped explain the context of the disciples’ questions asked in verse four. But also, the placement in the Gospel of Mark. That central to this chapter is the Temple, mainly Jesus’ judgement, found in verse two, “Do you see these great buildings? There will not be left here one stone upon another that will not be

Perplexing passages can be found throughout the Bible. Passages that have created differences in opinions throughout the church’s history. To find someone who has a new interpretation of a passage is nothing new. Any time spent on the internet would give you a plethora of perplexing passages. When I speak of perplexing passages, I speak of those that we would understand the passage differently but still fall within the same camp. These perplexing passages create a different understanding of what

As we have noted during this section of Mark’s gospel, as we began with the Galilean ministry in the first 8 chapters, this section beginning with chapter 11 is the Temple (Jerusalem) ministry. That is a ministry that happens around the geographical region of the Temple. Within Mark’s gospel, Jesus’ earthly ministry has contrasted with the Scribes' teaching and ministry, mainly that Jesus teaches with authority, unlike the Scribes. Mark, in contrast to Matthew, does not have much teaching from

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