The conflict continues to grow, and the tension in the air could be cut with a knife. The religious leaders have sought to destroy Jesus; however, the opportune time has not come up for them, and through God's providence, neither has Christ's time come. The religious leaders have tested Jesus before (Mark 8:11). Jesus had come to Jerusalem and rebuked the leaders, pointing them to the 'den of robbers' which they had set up in the court of the Gentiles.

Last week we saw the living parable of the fig tree as a representation of the temple. The temple was that of the rotten figs that could not be eaten and not the good ripe figs. Mark sandwiched the cleansing of the temple with this living parable of the fig tree. This week we will be looking at the lesson from the fig tree. After returning to Bethany for the night, they walk past the fig tree that Jesus had

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