Topsy Turvey means to turn something from its top to make the top the bottom and the bottom the top. The Christian worldview has this idea that flows throughout its thought. This is understandable because if what the world calls good, we call evil, or what we call evil the world calls good, then we will come to a world view of the opposite understanding. What we value is what they despise. In the next section in Mark, we see

Hijacked word: a word that once had previous means but takes on a new meaning over time because of the regular use by a particular group. Take, for example, “Pentecostal,” all Bible-believing Christians believe in the Pentecost (Acts 2). However, over time it begins to be used by those who believe in the continuation of supernatural spiritual gifts. One of these words that have been hijacked is ‘catholic.’ People assume that you belong to the Roman Catholic church when you

It has been said the three most challenging things to say are, “I am sorry,” “I need help,” and “Worcestershire Sauce.” The third one is difficult because of the syllables and pronunciation. However, the first two are not difficult due to pronunciation but because we rarely want to verbalize our weaknesses. We might speak of our weakness humorously, making light of the situation. However, to confront our weaknesses in the face is quite a daunting task. To see our failures,

The last section of the Creed was also expanded in 381. The original Creed (325) stopped after the line, “and the Holy Spirit.” The last section of the Creed has a similar form to the Apostles Creed. One might call this section ‘a-la-carte;’ a mis-mash of one-liners. However, the last lines of the Nicene Creed speak of the Church and its believers. It ties the first word of the Creed, ‘We,’ to the rest of the Creed. Sadly, many people

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