Mark chapter six continues to show the reality of discipleship. Jesus does not receive honor from those in his hometown, and they are offended by him. Mark continues to explain the reality of those who follow Jesus. Mark 6:7-13 Jesus sends out the twelve disciples, Mark then writes about the death of John the Baptist in Mark 6:14-29. These two pericopes could be viewed as different texts; however, what I hope to show is that Mark deliberately places the story

Last time we looked at Christ ascending into Heaven and the benefits of his ascension for believers. This week we will be looking at the same line in the Nicene Creed but with a different focus. This week we will be looking at what he accomplishes in his ascension. The Westminster Larger Catechism answer fifty-three. Christ was exalted in his ascension, in that having after his resurrection often appeared unto and conversed with his apostles, speaking to them of the things

We worship the risen and ascended Lord. Christ came to earth in his humiliation, taking the form of a servant in his birth, life, and death. After his humiliation, he was exalted in his resurrection, ascension, his sitting at the right hand of God the Father, and when he returns to judge the world. We do not worship a corpse in a tomb, nor do we worship a risen Lord whose body remained on earth. We worship the risen and

Mark 5:21-43 Mark chapter five shows Christ's power and authority over all things. In the first half of Mark chapter 5, we saw that Jesus' power and authority was over the strongman of this world. We saw Jesus show his earthy ministry was not just for those who physically descended from Abraham. Jesus went over the other side of the sea of Galilee to cast out the unclean spirit of the man living in the cemetery. He becomes the first gospel

The Westminster Confession of Faith begins with the first chapter on the Holy Scriptures. In section five, the Divines draw attention to the Holy Spirit's inward work, who bears witness to the Word in our hearts. Before this, they explain many aspects of the Word such as "the heavenliness of the matter, the efficacy of the doctrine, the majesty of the style, the consent of all the parts…" They explain that these items listed above and more can be external

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