History of Seven Springs Presbyterian Church

The below sections were compiled in for the Centennial Celebration, September 19, 1999.

The story below is about the seed that would blossom into Seven Springs Presbyterian Church. The story speaks of one faithful and passionate woman whose life changed when she heard the sweet gospel of Jesus Christ. Ms. Nancy is like a modern-day Lydia (Acts 16:11-1540). Through God’s providence, she planted the seed that would grow into Seven Springs Presbyterian Church.

Circa 1915

Pastors of Seven Springs Presbyterian Chapel/Church

Rev. H. M. White, DD (1866-1875)

Rev. J. O. Sullivan (1875-1885)

Rev. Frank McCutchan (1885-1891)

Rev. P.H. Gwinn (1892-1901)

Rev. John R. Herndon (1902-1907)

Rev. G. W. Nickell (1908-1917)

Rev. C.R. Lacy (1918-1928)

Rev. David Barclay Walthall (1929-1938)

Rev. Howard M. Willson (1939-1942)

Rev H.G. Allen (1943-1950)

Rev. Dr. Ben F. Brown (1950-1957)

Rev. William F. Shouse (1957-1965)

Rev. James E. Drinkard (1966-1967)

Rev. Richard Stone (1967-1972)

Rev. Thomas B. Sullivan, Jr (1973-2018)

Rev. Thomas E. Rickard (2020- Present)

Where to find us


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