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Welcome to our Online VBS. We know this is not the ideal way to do things. It is easier when someone else does all the prep work and crafts (especially if you have young children). We are thankful you have decided to do this with your children, and we hope to make it enjoyable for you and them, with little to no stress. This document is to help you get ready for the week of VBS. We have created checklists for you to get all the items at the store and then another daily checklist for you to get things ready before the day of VBS. The you can use the manual to help do the game, craft, snack, you can also watch the video that has been uploaded to our Facebook page or sent to your email.

You are the boss; please do not think you have to do everything as written down in this manual. We want this to be an enjoyable time for you and your children. Improvise, the craft can be “color in a dinosaur.” Snacks can be “eat an apple.” We are excited that you are taking the time to teach your children about God and his incredible world.


Individual Pages for each day


  Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5
Title Creation day: Back to the beginning Worldview Day: Wear your Bible Glasses Gospel Day: The Ride of Your Life Design Day: A Closer Look at God’s Handiwork Dino Day: Let’s Clear Up the Confusion
Bible Passage Gen 1-2:3 Gen 1

Proverbs 1:7

Gen 1-3 and Selected Scriptures Selected Scriptures Job 40-41
Apologetics Content How long ago was the time when time began? What in the world is a worldview? Can your view of creation affect your gospel? Does every creature have a Creator? Are dinosaurs in the Bible?
Memory verse Exodus 20:11 John 17:17 Romans 10:9 Psalm 111:1-2 Job 40:15
Echo Phrase In six short days, everything was made! The Bible says it. That settles it! Admit, Believe, Forever Receive! It couldn’t just happen. God made them that way! Behemoth and Leviathan, they lived at the time of man!
Incredibles EXTREME!

Extreme Animals


Bottom of the ocean animals.


Volcano/Desert animals


Arctic Animals


Huge animals

  Rex the T. Rex Glowy the Lanternfish Fenwick the fennec fox Terner the Arctic tern Patty the Apatosaurus


Where to find us


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